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Have you ever wondered whether your API returned the accurate schedule, fares or services data to search requests or was returning this information in a consistent manner across your route network? Are you asking yourself how to best structure this information in a way that makes the job of developers easier? Are you looking for an easy way to identify bugs and functional issues before releasing a new version of your API?

Using our API Content Inspector, your airline can now easily get the answers to these questions. Initially built to help our developers better understand the scope and evaluate the quality of the content delivered by our partner airlines’ APIs, we quickly understood that this web tool would also be valuable to any airline that is looking to make its API a key element of its distribution strategy.

Currently under development, the API Content Inspector will let your airline:

1- Based on the XML traces received from their API’s responses to search requests, view the content returned through multiple views (Trace, Insights, Content, Analytics), each view corresponding to a different level of interpretation of that content.

2- Check the outcomes of automatically conducted tests at message level, focusing on content format and quality, message structure, referential integrity and finally on the accuracy of business-critical content.

3- Based on randomly triggered multiple search requests, obtain a detailed analysis of the performance of their API, the scope of the content returned by that API and the consistency of this content.

As images often speak better than words, here are a few screenshots of the product:

Insights view:

The Insights view will provide your airline with the capability to easily highlight specific data from a search (or a booking) related XML trace, and view the outcomes of the automatically conducted tests.

Content view:

Using the Content view, your airline will be able to view all relevant information associated to each priced offer returned by your API.

Analytics view:

For every search request message and search session, your airline will enjoy a set of metrics and charts to easily monitor and analyse data such as message size and response time, successful checks vs. warnings vs. errors, priced offers and flight schedule and connections.

We’re currently looking for launch customers to help us validate the tool’s features, the criteria for the automated checks and other aspects of the tool. If you’re interested in learning more and in getting a demo of the product, send us an email at technology@flyiin.com

Your API will become (or is already) your greatest distribution asset, the API Content Inspector can help you make sure it will stay that way.

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