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Updated: Jul 17, 2019

When we founded flyiin almost three years ago, our objective was to release the very first, consumer-facing marketplace dedicated to air travel. Slowly but surely, we realized though that our marketplace model would require more time before it could effectively and fully replace the older OTA and metasearch models.

In the meantime, we’ve also been witnessing increasing demand from emerging travel retailers for a “toolkit” that will enable them to easily sell air travel to their users in a user-centric way. For these travel retailers, easily means not having to go through the somehow difficult process of integrating a GDS booking engine into their digital product, nor be the merchant of record and settle through BSP.

We decided to grasp this opportunity and reposition flyiin as the technology partner of choice for these emerging travel retailers. How? By providing them with our Airline DirectConnect Platform, so that they can easily connect direct to all their partner airlines through a single API connection. Based on the experience we have gained with airline APIs during the past two years, we started to build this new platform from scratch a few months ago, with one clear objective: make flight booking simple, for the benefits of airlines, travel retailers and ultimately, air travellers.

Last May, we communicated our partnership with Qixxit. This is the first of many partnerships to be announced in the coming months, all of which are designed to help make flyiin a key player in the modernisation of airline distribution.

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