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Elixir community meets at flyiin.

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Last week, we had the pleasure to welcome Berlin's Elixir community in our offices, for their usual monthly meetup. These meetups are a great opportunity for them to network, to share knowledge and experience and finally, to contribute together to the development of libraries, tooling etc. associated to the language.

So, on Thursday, 11 July, 25+ software engineers from around the city came over, to hear a number talks and enjoyed some drinks and pizzas. One of the talks was given by our very own Dániel Vámosi, who chose to share the first outcomes of his work on how to best visualize "trace dumps". I would't even try to elaborate further on the topic for the sake of not sounding utterly incompetent, however, from the reaction of the audience, it clearly looks like it was a topic of interest for many. The good news is that Dániel's work will soon make available his code base to all who would like to take advantage of this visualization model.

We were also fortunate to have the one and only Tobias Pfeiffer in the house. Tobias gave a nice talk on the significance of soft skills to achieve outstanding technical results ("Functioning Among Humans"), for instance: the role of empathy, motivation factors, communication types etc. The context of his talk and a copy of his slide set can be found in his blog.

After this first successful meetup, what's next? Actually, Dániel will be giving a new speech on the same topic at the upcoming Code Beam Lite Budapest on 20 September. Based on last week's talk, his new speech will integrate the comments from the community and reflect his further work on the code base. Hare are some details on what you can expect from his upcoming talk in Budapest.

Our CTO introducing the topic of his talk at last week's Elixir meetup in Berlin...

A meetup without pizzas wouldn't be a proper meetup.

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