• Stéphane Pingaud

Aegean Airlines. Checked.

We’re glad to announce that Aegean Airlines is now available through our Air Travel API. Our channel partners will now be able to easily sell the airline’s flights and ancillary services* for all types of passengers.

* Additional bags for check-in right now, Advance Seat Reservation coming soon.

Aegean recently announced the introduction of a €5 surcharge on tickets sold via the traditional Global Distribution Systems (GDS). So I guess the addition of the airline to our growing list of available airlines comes at the right time!

Since our Airline DirectConnect platform leverages the NDC APIs of the two airlines, tickets sold via our Air Travel API will not be subject to this surcharge and your customers will be able to enjoy the best possible offers from Aegean. The same goes for Lufthansa Group airlines, Iberia and British Airways, which are already all available through our API.

With our platform now fully “ancillary services-capable”, our focus is now back on delivering the best and largest possible choice of airlines. Aegean Airlines is the first of our new wave of airline integrations at flyiin, to be followed shortly by Singapore Airlines and Transavia.

If you would like to check our API documentation, or simply ask some initial questions about our Air Travel API, send us an email at contact@flyiin.com.

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