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Brand new platform.

This week marks another critical milestone for our company. After months of work, we released a completely new version of our Airline DirectConnect Platform, which reflects the experience we gained with NDC (and non-NDC) airline APIs during the past three 3 years.

What does make this new version so special?

When we embarked on this major platform overhaul, our objective was to create a unified, intuitive and user-friendly flow that would not require knowledge of the (many) complexities inherent to airline distribution - beyond those addressed by our API documentation.

The way we have gone about it was to reduce the multiple low-level interactions often required by airline APIs to complete the purchase of a flight, those interactions and the number of them varying greatly between one airline and another.

How does this impact our Air Travel API?

The result of this work is a new Air Travel API that relies on three primary schemas:

/Search: start a flight and explore the offers returned by airlines

/Basket: create a basket with the selected offer, add services and insert payment information

/Order: purchase the requested flight (including additional services) and receive booking and ticketing confirmation

New airline integrations

As part of this new release, we have integrated many new airlines into our Airline DirectConnect Platform. As of today, the following airlines are available for sale via our Air Travel API:

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