• Stéphane Pingaud

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

This week, flyiin reached a significant, probably the most significant one so far, milestone. On 04 March, our Airline DirectConnect Platform processed our first ever booking and ticket sale originating from our pilot and launch customer, Qixxit. Below is the passenger receipt with the confirmation and ticket numbers directly from Qixxit's partner airline Lufthansa. 

Obviously, 04 March will remain a special day for us at flyiin as it will mark the launch of the first version of our Airline DirectConnect Platform, and the real start of our history as a travel technology company.

A special thanks to our CTO Dániel Vámosi, the main driver behind this great achievement, and to the entire team at Qixxit, who made this possible.

  • Stéphane Pingaud

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Today is a big day for flyiin. Following our pivot to b2b last year, we are delighted to share with all of you that we have closed a €2.4m financing round with a group of US-based angel investors, many of whom are closely associated to the airline industry. One of these investors is our long-time advisor and Air Canada former CEO, Montie Brewer.

With this investment and a group of strategic and well-connected investors, we are now well equipped to reshape airline distribution and build a new distribution infrastructure and model, which will enable:

1- airlines, to retail the full breadth and richness of their product;

2- travel retailers, to easily build truly user-centric flight booking experience; and

3- travelers, to quickly find the airline product that best meet their service requirements.

This seed investment will be primarily dedicated to scaling up our technical and functional teams, in order to release a first version of our Airline DirectConnect Platform in a live environment. This first version will be based on the functional requirements of our pilot customer, Qixxit, and those of other pilot customers we plan to sign this year.

A major part of our development effort will go towards the integration of more airline APIs into our platform, with the goal to provide our pilot customers with an harmonized and unique experience in terms of flight and ancillary services search, booking, payment and post-sales servicing.

This investment is a great, and long-awaited step forward for flyiin. We’re back in the game, and look forward to sharing with you the many developments that will result from this investment.



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