• Stéphane Pingaud

When it became clear that flyiin would grow as an organisation and as a team, one of our first decisions was to design and implement a personal development program to allow for everyone in the team to grow in their role. Despite being at the very early stage of our journey, we chose to allocate part of our funding to letting all our team members benefit from a €2,000 budget per year, for personal development.

How does this program look like? In a nutshell, anyone who joins our team can, after an initial period, take advantage of this budget and use it for:

  • Individual training sessions, which our super talented Head of People will help you define and implement

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Participation in her conferences and workshops of choice, and there are some many inspiring ones to choose from

  • Subscription to e-learning courses

  • Books and magazines

... without forgetting German classes, for those who are courageous enough to learn this d... complicated language!

To give you a sense of the opportunities that come with employment at flyiin, here are a few of the really cool conferences that some of us have chosen to attend:

  1. Code Beam Lite Berlin

  2. The 2019 Platform Summit

  3. KubeCon CloudNativeCon Europe 2020

For us at flyiin, giving the opportunity to every team member to improve their knowledge and skills is something, which, even as a young company, we feel strongly about. So strongly that we made it the cornerstone of our employment benefits.

We have openings in our engineering team, and will have soon more in other areas. If training is something that matters to you, and you see any position you may be interested in, get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

  • Catharina Schulze

How does life at an early stage Start-Up look like? When we think of a Start-Up we usually picture a petit version of Google: epic office space with ‘interesting’ furniture, ping pong and kicker tables, free food and drinks, and many team parties, and events. But truth be told, when you are building up it isn’t so glamorous and cool. But it is fun and impactful.

With our new Instagram account, we intend on documenting our overall life and progress at flyiin, be it working hard (not posing to work hard) or taking a break (since we’ve been working so hard) or enjoying a beer during our Friday beers or company events. We want to give a truthful insight (with some IG filters to make us look prettier - we are already pretty but some glam doesn’t hurt) of what it is to be at flyiin right now and take you all on our awesome unsexy journey as we continue to grow and build and become somewhat glamorous and cool ;)

So, check us out on Instagram and feel part of this awesome journey!

  • Stéphane Pingaud

We participated, learnt, and got our messages out there. What were those messages?

First, airline distribution is going through a major transformation and will be the next great API ecosystem.

Second, this transformation is being driven by new, fast-paced travel tech companies, not the established technical intermediaries;

And finally, the airline distribution market will open up and expand (way) beyond its current boundaries, with a new breed of online players capturing part of the market, and possibly even expanding it.

Interested in watching our pitch? Check out the video from Phocuswright's Innovation Summit below.



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