Flight booking made simple. Finally.

Design a flight booking product

air travellers will love.

Use our developer-friendly Air Travel API to build a truly differentiating and user-centric flight search and booking experience. 

Our Air Travel API is connected to airlines' systems, letting your users search for their flights, book them and pay for them directly with their chosen airlines, just as if they were buying them through that airline's own apps. 


Our Air Travel API will enable you to access the entirety and richness of each airline's offerings (flights, fare families, ancillary services), so you can make them available to your users in a comparable and attractive way.  


Because it is new and based on IATA's latest distribution standard NDC, our Air Travel API will be capable of providing you and your users with personalised fares and services, rich media assets, etc. as soon as our partner airlines are ready. 

Deliver a complete experience.  

Our Air Travel API is designed to make it possible for your users to easily purchase the right flight, with the level of  the flexibility and control they expect when they buy online.


Provide your users with a superior flight search experience thanks to a wider range of parameters.


Display an extensive, and comparable range of flight "products" across multiple airlines.



Give your users the option to purchase additional services on top of their flight "product" of choice.

Let your users book and pay directly with the airlines, and get a confirmation from them.


Make it possible for your users to change flights, cancel or modify a purchase made with an airline.

Why flyiin?

Our Air Travel API gives you access to our Airline DirectConnect Platform. This platform has been designed with the goal to hide any complexity inherent to the airline business, so your team can focus on building the best possible flight search and booking experience for your users.  


The concept of a platform that would facilitate direct interactions between airlines and travellers throughout the entire shopping process and through any sales channels, has been in our minds for more than ten years.

Now that more and more airlines have the functional and technical capabilities, we are ready to make it happen.


Integrating and managing multiple airline APIs is complex. For almost three years, we've been getting our hands dirty with NDC and with the airlines' newest APIs, so we can build a platform that can be easily integrated by any digital player, using our Air Travel API.

Let us deal with that complexity while you build the best possible flight shopping experience for your users.


Our platform enables airlines to be back in control of their distribution. That's why most airlines are eager to connect to flyiin as soon as they are technically capable of doing so, and have their API up-and-running.

What's in it for you? More and better content, no fare surcharges, and the opportunity to develop strong relationships with some of the world's leading airlines.



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